Friday, November 11, 2016

How To Lose Weight in a Week

How To Lose Weight in a Week

Everyone might have dreamed of owning a house in 6 months, everyone must have dreamed of setting your career in few years, but have we dreamed of how we can lose weight in a week’s time, probably not. Here is the full guide as to how to lose weight is a week:

1. First Water, Hot Water – This mantra works really well as the science is associated with these practices. It is always advisable to drink the first drop of water in the morning as hot water as it makes space for particles to settle for coming day.

2. Eat High protein, Avoid Oily food – The best practice to lose weight would be avoiding oily food as it has the highest amount of calorie which affects the stomach and increases the body too. Protein would help in maintaining the energy throughout the day.

3. “No” to fast food – Never eat such food as it has the highest amount of ingredients which affect the stomach and the intestine too which in turn increases the fat proportion in the body.

4. Enough Sleep, Better attitude – Daily sleep of 7.5 hours is must stay healthy and fresh which keeps the negative thoughts away and also help in developing new ideas and aspirations.

5. Everyday Exercise – Doing some or the other method of exercise or cardio is a must as it would help in burning the calories which would reduce the fat proportion in the body.

6. Avoid Sugar – Try to avoid sugar as much as possible in each of your foods. Inculcate the habit of food with a minute amount of sugar in it.

7. Eat fruits, vegetables etc – Stomach friendly foods should be adopted to save the excessive growing of stomach. Fruits and vegetables make the best pairs to keep the stomach healthy and comfortable.

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